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Departure from your apartment or from your desired address in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania.

Safe, reliable, secure
and fast transport.

Private or tour transport.

We offer:

• Transport from your address to your destination.
• Transport from/to the airport, the railway or bus station in Banja Luka.
• Transport to sports and cultural events.

Minimum number of passengers:  1
Maximum number of passengers: 7

Transport by car or van depending on the number of passengers.

Transport for all European countries as agreed.

  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Sarajevo
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Tuzla
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Mostar
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Zurich
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Vienna
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Ljubljana
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Zagreb
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Split
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Dubrovnik
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Belgrade
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Podgorica
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Pristina
  • Banja Luka  ⇄  Tirana
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Our apartment is located in the city centre of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a 2-minute walk away from all significant tourist attractions in the city. There is a parking lot.